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Our premier service is our Management and Branding of private vacation lodging.  No more hassles for the owner, just higher profits rolling in monthly.

Private Lodging Consulting

Not every property qualifies for our Brand and not every property is located within our service area.  But you can still get our help with your private B&B via our consulting service.

Marketing Social Media

Granite House 1880 has partnered with Zinc Media Arts to help our partners and clients with Social Media Marketing.  Zinc used a proprietary method of Social Media Marketing at a fraction of the price most other services charge.

More Than Spare Change

Earn more than spare change

Having your property professionally managed by a 5-star super host will allow you to earn more on your investment property.  It actually cost you money every month you don't have Granite House 1880 brand and manage your property.  And it doesn't cost you anything to become a part of the Granite House 1880 brand family.

Get the granite house 1880 vision anywere

Of course, not every property qualifies to be a part of the Granite House 1880 brand.  Especially if you live outside of our service area.  But that doesn't mean you cannot get the benefit of our knowledge and success.  Our consulting services will help you achieve booking and profit levels you probably thought were not possible.  The truth is, most Airbnb, VRBO, Bed & Breakfast and private vacation rentals don't achieve their full potential.  Our consulting can have you earning big time in no time.

Private Hotel Consulting

Next Step...

Want to learn more about our services?  Then simply connect with us and we will be more than happy to explain the whole process.  Connect today.