Lodging Management

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Lodging and Hospitality Management

Granite House 1880's philosophy is we’re hands-on. We believe in a caring and innovative approach to produce the highest operating margins across the industry. Today's property owners and investors demand a greater return on investment with fewer resources and GH1880 does that.  GH1880 handles all of the headaches from day to day operations, sales, marketing, employees and guest relations.

We put our owners and investors and their guest first.  After all, GH1880 is designed to do better when our property owners and investors do better.  That means our goal is to give the guest a superior experience with their sites set on being a repeat guest of our properties.

How We Do It

The first thing we here at GH1880 does it get to know you and your property.  We set out to establish internal controls and safeguards across all your operations to maximize profit. We actively participate on-site and work closely with you, the owner, to create a focused business plan, cost-cutting strategies, revenue-driving tactics and create the changes necessary to streamline processes for the highest financial reward.

We exercise constant direct communication between guests and property owners.  This allows us to be poised to respond and adapt more quickly to market changes, guest requirements and any issues that may arise.

Our management fees are designed to put you, the owner, at the top.  In order for us to do better, you must do better.  It's simple, effective and very fair.  And the biggest winners happen to be very happy and satisfied guests.

To get in touch with us or to get your property listed, simply connect with us here.