Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Some frequently asked questions with the answers that property owners are looking for.  Nothing to hide here.  Have a question not answered here?  Connect with us and fire away.

Will Any Property Qualify?

No.  We have strict qualifications on what properties qualify for the Granite House 1880 brand.  Not every property will qualify.  It is best if you connect with us for a free onsite inspection and review.

Is your service available in all 50 States and Canada?

No.  Currently, our services are only available in the state of New Hampshire.  We expect the states of Vermont and Maine to follow early to mid-2020.

Do property owners have to pay out of pocket?

No.  This is the best part.  The more we help you earn, the more we earn.  We charge a flat low rate based on monthly revenue.  You never have to pay our management fees out of your pocket.