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Here at Granite House 1880, we wanted to stand out from all of the other property management services out there.  We wanted to offer something unique and groundbreaking.  In fact, we believe this is the direction this industry will go.

GH1880 is bringing big hotel standards to the individual property owner.  This will allow guests to know exactly what to expect when they book a GH1880 property for their lodging stay.

As far as we know, there is not another property management in our industry that offers a brand to its clients.

It's pretty simple, if your property qualifies, you will be trained on the full brand of the Granite House 1880 family.  You will be listed as a GH1880 property which will give you additional credibility and thus increase your occupancy rate and profits.

Being a part of the Granite House 1880 brand does not mean you give up more of your profit in fees and other charges.

But being a part of a 5-star and highly rated brand will allow you to tap into markets you previously may have had a hard time with.

Now the Granite House 1880 brand will benefit you and your bottom line.  And this brand is available to you at no extra costs to you.

Ready to brand and increase your profits?  Then contact us here.